ALBUM: Corbeaux and Volte Face – The Meeting Point


Review by: Olga Polomoshnova

 If you want some quality atmospheric listening, rare styles can beat instrumental music. French bands Corbeaux and Volte Face aim at creating this kind of music with distinctive moods which can definitely appeal to the fans of Mogwai and This Will Destroy You. On their newest split The Meeting Point, Corbeaux and Volte Face teamed up for five atmospheric post-rock tracks — each with their own signature. Indeed, this is the record to show how two different, but similarly distinct sounds can work together perfectly.

 The Meeting Point is the cluster of rather solemn, grand and slow-moving Airpaint and 28 Jours Plus Tard by Corbeaux and lighter, vivacious, spiced up by electronics Blade Runner and In Another Life by Volte Face. These tracks take turns to appear and thus always shift a perspective from heavier to lighter one and don’t let listeners get bored or stuck in a rut of similar sound. The tracks flow seamlessly one into another creating a very smooth movement and change of the soundscape. In case of these two bands being different on one split is indeed an advantage as their sounds complement each other and bring out the best in every single note of the following track. Light, shining guitars of Volte Face contrast with thick, heavy riffs of Corbeaux like day with night, so that it seems that these two cannot exist without one another. As the top, final point of this flawless string, there comes the closing track The Meeting Point performed by both bands, which is a congregation of both signature sounds in one — an intricate, complex track, which unwinds in various directions.

 However, this multi-layered structure is typical of all the other tracks too, when development happens on different levels and stages and ultimately leads through and to unknown, unexpected passages. Calm sketches are substituted by explosive refrains, majestic piano flows into raging guitars and rhythm section provides ultimate support – either subtle, or foreground to lead the way.

 Corbeaux and Volte Face have released a very vivid example of instrumental post-rock, which is sure to find its fans among admirers of the genre.

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