REVIEW: Fearless Vampire Killers – Exploding Heart Disorder


Review by: Jess Tagliani

 Fearless Vampire Killers seem to have exploded onto the scene without any warning; an unknown storm, if you will. This year alone, they’ve toured with William Control, played at Download and released their debut album Militia Of the Lost.

 Opening their single with title track Exploding Heart Disorder, my ears are instantly treated to Laurence Beveridge’s soaring vocals. Coupled with their shredding riffs and monster bassline, it’s obvious that this track is going to be a definite treat to all their fans. They show off their power with finesse — a task that most bands find difficult, but not for Fearless Vampire Killers.

 The next track is Palace In Flames, a song that has been taken from Militia Of the Lost. Demonic drumming sets off the pace for this fast and furious track; the twin vocals from Laurence and Kier Kemp being an extra edge to the table, as they both play off one another’s vocals. Their music is as deliciously dark as always, and they bring their songs to life with huge, resounding roars.

 And as the single finishes, it’s clear that fans of Fearless Vampire Killers will be baying for blood to listen to this.

 The group also released a new music video on Monday 5 November; check out the animated video for Palace in Flames below!

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